May 2018

JPM teams up with the UK Council for Psychotherapy

There’s a new name, a new look and a brand new direction for the UK Council for Psychotherapy’s (UKCP) magazine, thanks to the recent collaboration with James Pembroke Media.

New Psychotherapist reflects the realities of the psychotherapeutic profession in 2018, covering members’ concerns, client issues and CPD, alongside insights into different modalities and interviews with experienced practitioners.

The magazine had launched with a dynamic new look too, engaging and visionary, reflecting the UKCP as a leading thinking body.

“We are delighted to have partnered with JPM for the relaunch and revitalisation of our member magazine,” said Professor Sarah Niblock, CEO of UKCP. “ It’s been a huge pleasure to embark on such a creative editorial journey with a team that understands our priorities. JPM worked diligently to get to know us and now share our bold ambition as much as if it were their own. The feedback from our members has been tremendous.”

From now on New Psychotherapist, published three times a year, will work to bridge the gap between the profession, policy makers and clients by airing readers’ concerns, sharing ideas and bringing psychotherapy even further into the mainstream.