Limbless Association

Project: StepForward, the membership magazine of the Limbless Association
Sector: Charity

We’ve transformed StepForward into a stylish magazine, packed with interviews and advice, which readers can’t wait to receive. It’s a place for members to share stories and inspire each other – and could even be described as life-changing. Don’t just take our word for it, though.

“I started looking through StepForward in a rehabilitation waiting room,” says reader Julie Snell. “Honestly, it was a eureka moment: real people, real lives, real achievements. It was so refreshing; I was totally inspired. I became an LA member and look forward to the magazine landing on the doorstep.

“I now read StepForward to my daughters, to show them real people who look like me. I want them to grow up with an open mind and to show them that you can take positives from even the worst circumstances.”